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International Phone Cards Business opportunity - distribute Low cost international and domestic long distance

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Business opportunity - distribute prepaid international phone cards
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international phone cards International Phone Card

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Long Distance Post is the BEST Business opprotunity in telecommunications

You are about to be introduced to the best Global Internet Business Opportunity. Long Distance Post will allow you to make an additional income, marketing products and services using the most powerful global medium ever created: the Internet. If you want to build up a business using the Internet to sell a broad array of communications products and services, with no startup fee, then you have come to the right place!

LDPOST is proud to have built a thriving, profitable on-line marketing company, in partnership with our independent representatives. We invite you to consider taking advantage of our truly modern and exceptional global business opportunity.

Earn up to 14% commissions for each new account you bring to any one of LDPOST's suite of services - and with every order we receive, you get paid! Customers are gathered through your web or any other way you would like to market our services. Customers entered into the system will result in a commission to you! Plus, your commissions will INCREASE as your sales increase. Here is one of the ways you can earn money: 6% - 14% residual commissions are paid to all representatives on their own sales as long as they maintain at least 5 active Long Distance accounts. Residual commissions can increase up to 14% depending on your personal monthly sales volume.

International Phone Card

Our Telecom BUSINESS

  • Quality Long Distance Services with the best rates to many destinations
    We work with some of the biggest and most reliable carriers, like Williams Communications and Global Crossing to provide a wide range of services - from residential Long Distance service for interstate and international calls to complete business solutions like 'Office anywhere'
  • International SIM Card For Prepaid Cell Phone Service In 250 Countries
    We offer OneSimCard - a prepaid international SIM card that provides you with low-cost international cell phone service in 250 countries around the world
  • Pre-paid Long Distance for cellular phones
    You can be part of a breakthrough in the wireless industry. We are one of the companies that pioneered the pre-paid long distance services and now increasing number of wireless users are making international and domestic long distance calls at very low rates using Prepaid Long Distance solutions like 'Peanuts Prepaid'
  • Simple and reliable Calling Cards
    We are proud of the great response we receive from our calling card customers. We know that the market is flooded with phone cards that offer large number of minutes, but never deliver, because of hidden charges. Our policy is to always recommend the so-called 'clean' cards like Euro MAMA and Global PAPA that have no connection or maintenance fees and simple 1 minute rounding. Still, we offer the best rates to many countries and with our loyal customer reward program our customers stay with us for years.
international calling cards calling cards
international phone cards International Phone Card

affiliate program phone cards

international calling cards calling cards
distribute Low cost international long distance

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Business opportunity - international phone cards
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