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International Phone Cards Business opportunity - distribute Low cost international and domestic long distance

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Business opportunity - distribute prepaid international phone cards
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international phone cards International Phone Card

Long Distance POST/Belmont Telecom Inc. offers you a great business opportunity

Welcome to the best telecommunications business opportunity - Long Distance Post

You are about to be introduced to the best Global Internet Business Opportunity. Long Distance Post will allow you to make an additional income, marketing products and services using the most powerful global medium ever created: the Internet. If you want to build up a business using the Internet to sell a broad array of communications products and services, with no startup fee, then you have come to the right place!

LDPOST is proud to have built a thriving, profitable on-line marketing company, in partnership with our independent representatives. We invite you to consider taking advantage of our truly modern and exceptional global business opportunity.

Earn up to 14% commissions for each new account you bring to any one of LDPOST's suite of services - and with every order we receive, you get paid! Customers are gathered through your web or any other way you would like to market our services. Customers entered into the system will result in a commission to you! Plus, your commissions will INCREASE as your sales increase. Here is one of the ways you can earn money: 6% - 14% residual commissions are paid to all representatives on their own sales as long as they maintain at least 5 active Long Distance accounts. Residual commissions can increase up to 14% depending on your personal monthly sales volume.

LDPOST offers you several separate programs:

  1. PREPAID CALLING CARDS Affiliate/Distributor
international calling cards calling cards
International SIM International Phone Card

Distribute PREPAID Phone CARDS

  • You can become an affiliate and sell our Prepaid Calling cards, without ever buying any single card.
    All you will need to do is to place a link, we will provide you with, on your web site. You will receive 6% commissions for all sales your customers made on our web site. Once the customer clicked through from your site, he/she becomes your customer forever. Even if the next time this customer buys cards directly at LDPOST, you are still going to get paid on every purchase he/she made.
  • You can buy our cards at a discount and sell them yourself.
    Discounts starts at 10% for $100.00 purchase and goes up to 28% on purchases of $10,000 and higher.
  • For more discount information
    call 617-489-5952.

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  • There is no investment needed to become our agent and earn monthly residual commissions for all customers you signed up for us.
    Commissions starts at 6% and can go as high as 14% depending on the monthly usage volume of your customers. And it is so easy to find customers because of LDPOST offered quality services and because we offer the best International and Domestic rates without any gimmicks to a customer.

    As an Agent you will be able to sell our telecommunication products and services. By becoming an Agent, you'll discover that working with LDPOST is one of the easiest ways to increase your income. We have agents receiving monthly checks in excess of $15,000.00. You can become one of them as well.

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international calling cards calling cards
international phone cards International Phone Card


  • You can sell our Prepaid International Cell Phones and/or SIM Cards, without ever buying anything.
    International travelers have come to rely on the products and services provided by OneSimCard.com. Because our Global SIM cards and international mobile phones are in such high demand, we have set up two distinct partnering opportunities which will allow our partners to reap the benefits of lifetime commissions and uncapped earning potential simply by helping us introduce and distribute OneSimCard products all over the world
  • Learn more: one global mobile phone

You can count on LDPOST's reputation for reliability and dependability

Your customers will be provided with comprehensive and competitively-priced communications products and services: domestic and international long distance services, data transmissions, toll-free services, Calling Cards, prepaid cell phones, U.S. or international SIM cards.

Our agents/distributors submit orders electronically with the help of easy-to-use software we provide them with. With our software, you can automatically enter orders without any complicated paperwork.
Our agents/distributors receive daily customer status reports and monthly usage reports coming along with the check.
Our agents/distributors receive best support available from LDPOST and stay with LDPOST forever. Join us and start building your own profitable global business, right here, right now.
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  • No start-up fee
  • Great commission rates (6% to 28%)
  • Full Customer Usage Reports
  • Electronic order submission
  • Agents/distributors support


international calling cards calling cards
international phone cards International Phone Card

affiliate program phone cards

international calling cards calling cards
distribute Low cost international long distance

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